Monday, August 10, 2015

Breastfeeding is one of the best things about motherhood

Breastfeeding with Julian did not last very long. It wasn't my favorite. It felt inconvenient, daunting, and sweaty. Never unnatural, but just not good. I felt like I was always nursing and I didn't know that it was normal during the first weeks to feel like a dairy cow. Most every feeling you have about breastfeeding is shared with other moms out there, and it's ok to feel like it's harder than you thought. It IS hard! I don't know how women survived without all the resources and technology there is today, but I'm thankful that it's easy to find a breastfeeding community for support.

I'm thankful that this time around I'm more confident and relaxed about breastfeeding. There are days when I'm like GOD PLEASE LET SOMEONE ELSE FEED HER, but I wouldn't give it up for anything. It has its challenges but it really is one of the most beautiful parts of motherhood to this little girl so far.

This past Saturday I ventured down to the Ithaca Farmer's Market because there was a group of moms who wanted to get together in support of breastfeeding. Along with some other women there, I photographed them doing their thing, so I wanted to share some of the images I took!

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