Thursday, July 23, 2015

Getting back into it

It's been awhile since I stopped keeping a blog, so after some consideration I've decided to get back into it. I have different goals, expectations, and no rules for myself. I'm going to use this place to keep track of myself and my life for me, and if someone feels like reading what I say then that's great too! I need a place to put my extra-long thoughts that Instagram and Facebook don't have a place for. The extended, un-cut version of my brain I guess.

There have been several times I wished I had a place to write in and several things I wanted to write about. Pregnancy, giving birth, and the first weeks of Nova's life mostly. But also 20 weeks of practicing yoga and having it change my life. Thoughts on relationships as I'm getting older. Things relating to creativity (or sometimes a lack of).

So this is it for now... I knew I needed to write something to just get started again, and here it is. A place for me to play and let me mind escape itself.

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