Friday, September 18, 2015

New Invitation designs!

I need to start making a better effort of photographing my work so I have good pictures to post! It's hard to catch that good light outside around dinner time because... well it's dinner time and I can barely get a second lens on my camera before a little boy is begging me for a PBJ. Or in today's case, kicking over my styled flat lays because I'm not giving him any attention. Oops, sorry buddy!

But, it had to be done, so here they are!

Most recent is this fall-scheme floral invitation that is very similar to another recent design. The client liked that one so much but wanted fall colors, so I switched the design up and changed the paper to a more matte finish.

I finished this next design a few weeks ago. They wanted something really classic with a hint of Gadsby style and romance. This couple are really into black and red and smokin' hot romance, so I thought this fit them really well. I WISH you could tell here, but the paper is a pearlescent white and it is really gorgeous and makes the whole thing feel really fancy.

These were truly a labor of love... hand cut envelopments, ribbon, and invitation cards. Folded and taped all by hand as well!

The last ones I have to show are pretty "old". They're save the dates for Sam & Mike, the pretty floral suite that I shared before. I did a little photo shoot for them this past winter and used one in the background of this really simple design.

I definitely wouldn't call myself an expert yet, but it's crazy to look back at my photography just 6 months ago... not good, not good.

Thanks for looking!

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