Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nova at 3 Months

Nova is three months old today. I can't believe I've managed to do this motherhood of two thing for 3 whole months. I would have to say it's been pretty challenging- some days more so than others. But at the end of the day I think it's Nova that ends up being the easy part, the calm part, the sweetest part. Being a mom of a 3 year old is no joke. Working damn near full time when you add up my freelance gigs is no joke. Staying in a good mental state is no joke. It seems like being a mom to my sweet girl is the easy part. She makes it easy to love her, I'll say that!

At 3 months she's still not doing a heck of a lot. But she's smiling and "talking", happy when she's awake, nursing like a champ, such a little pudge-a-mudge, and is so so strong! I love being able to carry her with one arm and usually her head stays stable.

Since the painful days of nursing have been left behind (finally. Thank god. Fingers crossed) I have to say we have definitely hit our stride and I feel really confident about it. I wish I could build more of a stash but she's eating almost just as frequently as she always has so there's just no opportunity for that. But I'm no good at pumping so it's probably just as well. If I went somewhere and left her with bottles I would totally forget to pump. Where would I go, anyways? It's so easy taking a 3 month old everywhere!

Julian is such a sweet big brother. He's not overbearing when it comes to loving and helping with her, he doesn't seem to mind when she cries- he usually just says "baby's crying!" As if we couldn't hear- and he loves showing her off. He loves talking to her and making her smile and look at him. It's such a sweet thing to watch and I'm excited to see how there relationship will grow.

It's funny this time around I just want to see what she will do and learn naturally, without me pushing for the next stage. Sometimes I forget that I can still help her development along naturally. I realized last week that it might be fun for her to hold toys and things, and it turns out it helps a little in the car for her to have something to occupy her. We do our tummy time diligently and spend lots of time interacting and talking to develop her socially. I don't know why but I feel like she will be more serious and quieter than Julian. But probably just as dramatic. I think she will look like Dom but be like me.

So that's kind of everything about Nova's little life right now. I'm going to snuggle with my 3 month and two hour old girl and call this busy Thursday a day.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me/us make it this far, whether big or small. We love you.

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